What does the Blockchain CertiTRACE 786 bring






In fact, the Crypto-CertiTRACE 786 project consists of providing innovative solutions to the various players in the industry. to do so, it dedicates a single interface where users, whether companies or individuals, can access to benefit from different services according to their needs.

These services, or solutions, presented by the CertiTRACE 786 blockchain, until today, are four in number. Thus, we find the Bank, Traceability, Audit and Compliance and Control Body.

  1. Traceability:

The CertiTRACE blockchain guarantees the traceability and security of the production process, from start to finish. Thus, it converts each step into computer data, and this data therefore forms a chain of blocks.

Similarly, each player will provide product information relating to its activity. And that they will be recorded in a tamper-proof public registry.

With such a system, the conformity of the product is ensured. And if any problem arises in one of the steps of the chain, it loses its validity, and remains pending until the anomalies are corrected.

By applying the Halal 786 standard, specific to Bureau CertiTRACE, this also guarantees respect for animal protection, for the food and organic supply chains.

  • Audit and compliance:

In fact, the CertiTRACE Office has set up its own Halal 786 standard as a repository, mandated to two institutes in charge, which are also major players in the Halal market.

The first of these institutes, the HIFMI (Halal Institute Food Management Industry), is responsible for auditing and management missions, and also for training human resources in the same direction.

  • Control organism :

The second Institute is in fact the Halal 786 control body, whose members are trained by HIFMI, and which relies on a multiple internal and external traceability system: "  CertiTRACE Halal  " in full compliance with the standard 786.

  • Bank :

The CertiTRACE Blockchain also aims to support companies in accelerating their digital finances, by offering the CertiTRACE Token.

Thus, the CertiTRACE Token will make it possible to benefit from the advantages of Transparency, Speed, Security of information, and even to individuals, to make payments for world tourism.

Hence, the CertiTRACE 786 Token replaces the physical currency centralized and controlled by government and financial authorities.

How does the CertiTRACE 786 Blockchain work?

PolygonScan aims to provide users with information and on-chain data extracted from the Polygon blockchain in the most comprehensive and digestible way. Off-chain information such as CertiTRACE 786 token information , is submitted by users where PolygonScan maintains and updates the token/contract address upon ownership verification.







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